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GCSE Combined Science

Exam Board: AQA

GCSE Combined Science (Trilogy) is a double GCSE taken by the majority of students. It builds on the Key Stage 3 curriculum and covers the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Science at Key Stage 4. It encourages students to explore, explain, theorise, and model in science and develops a critical approach to scientific evidence.  


This is a linear qualification. In order to achieve the award, students must complete all assessments at the end of the course and in the same series. The Combined Science GCSE is examined by six 1 hour 15 min written exams, each of which is worth 16.7%. There are two exams on each subject Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There are 21 required practical’s that are delivered throughout the course. There will be questions relating to these practical’s on the written exam papers.

    Enrichment Opportunities

    Visits to University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University, Science Enrichment and STEM weeks, external visits to Science Museum and Disneyland Paris.







    Year 10

    Terms 1 and 2

    Biology –Bioenergetics;

    Chemistry – Atomic structure and the periodic table; Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter, Chemical changes;

    Physics – Energy

    Terms 3 and 4

    Biology – Cell Biology, Organisation;

    Chemistry – Quantitative chemistry;

    Physics – Particle model of matter

    Terms 5 and 6

    Biology – Infection and response;

    Chemistry – Energy changes;

    Physics – Electricity, Atomic structure

    Year 11

    Terms 1 and 2

    Biology –Coordination and control;

    Chemistry – The rate and extent of chemical change, Organic chemistry

    Physics – Forces

    Terms 3 and 4

    Biology –Inheritance, variation and evolution, Ecology

    Chemistry – Chemical Analysis

    Physics – Waves, Magnetism, and electromagnetism

    Terms 5 and 6

    Chemistry – Chemical of the atmosphere;

    Physics – Space
    Revision and Exam skills + External Exams (exact date TBA by exam board)