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Meet the Staff



Senior Staff

Mr J Watson Chief Executive Officer of The Canterbury Academy Trust
Mrs B Farrell Trust Executive Vice-Principal
Miss B Wilson Head of School
Mr B Hawkins Deputy Head of School
Mr C May Head of Inclusion and SENCo
Mr D Jarvis

Deputy Head of School

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Miss E Kelderis Early Years Phase Leader
Miss L Austin Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
Mrs S Walker Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
Miss K Birch Pastoral Manager


Special Educational Needs

Mr C May Head of School – Ethos and Engagement, SENCo
Miss C Jones Cavendish Specialist Resource Provision Lead Teacher


Corporate Services

Mrs  D Wellard Corporate Services Manager for The Canterbury Primary School
Miss R Coombes Corporate Services


Teaching Staff

Mrs A Williams Year R Teacher
Miss E Kelderis

Year R Teacher

Early Years Phase Leader

Miss L Austin

Year 1 Teacher

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader

Mrs L Mansell Year 1 Teacher
Miss C Clifford Year 2 Teacher
Miss S Thompson Year 2 Teacher
Mrs S Raffell Key Stage 1 Teacher
Mrs C Biggin Year 3 Teacher
Mr C Gough Year 3 Teacher
Mrs S Walker

Year 4 Teacher

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Miss J Douaoui Year 4 Teacher
Miss N Leonard Year 4 Trainee Teacher
Mr D Owen Year 5 Teacher
Miss S Martin Year 5 Teacher
Mr D Jarvis

Year 6 Teacher

Deputy Head of School

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Mr R Troth Year 6 Teacher
Miss C Jones Lead ASD Teacher Cavendish
Miss N Williams ASD Teacher Cavendish
Mrs G Bryant MFL Teacher and Play Therapist
Miss H Mills Cover Teacher
Mr J Green Cover Teacher
Mr M Platts Academic Tutor


Teaching and Learning Support Staff

Miss B Needham Year R
Mrs C Akintoye Year R
Miss R Cooke Year R
Miss M Gaynor Year 1
Mrs C Cooper Year 1
Mrs T Martin Year 2
Miss I Molloy Year 2
Miss L Hammick Year 3
Miss H Silk Year 3
Mrs K Korra Year 3
Miss J Bass Year 4
Miss S Bowles Year 4
Mr T Graham Year 5
Mrs A Bellas Year 5
Mrs J Mennell Year 6
Miss P Jones Year 6
Miss C Waters Speech and Language interventions
Mrs L Plumbley Deputy Pastoral Manager / Forest School Coordinator
Mrs S Childs

Pastoral Support

Transition Interventions


Breakfast and 326 Club Staff

Miss D Martin Breakfast Club Coordinator / 326 Coordinator / Holiday Club Coordinator
Miss R Coombes Breakfast Club
Miss C Walters Breakfast Club
Mrs M Tutt Breakfast Club / 326
Mrs J Mennell Breakfast Club / 326
Mr T Graham 326
Mrs J Mennell 326
Mrs C Akintoye 326
Miss J Bass 326


Kitchen Staff

Mrs K Foster 

Catering manager

Mrs J Lee

Catering assistant

Miss M Tutt 

Catering assistant