City View Pre-school and Nursery benefit from four specially adapted classrooms which are:

  • Caterpillar Room for the under 2 year olds,
  • Ladybird Room for the 2 – 3 year olds,
  • Butterfly Room for the 3 – 5 year olds,
  • Bumble Bee Room for the rising 5 year olds.

Each room has an outside learning environment which encourages children to learn about the world outside. Activities are created in order to stretch their imagination and encourage independence with all of the children – no matter their age.

The group is accessible on one level and has small ramps into the outside areas, which are safety surfaced for the children. Crawling babies and toddlers can therefore safely access the outside, without the need for steps. All of the children have access to the grassed area which is securely fenced. There is shade in the summer sun to allow the children and staff to have safe fun in all weathers.

We believe that children begin to learn about the world around them, from the moment they are born. We provide care and education to help the children to build upon this learning, by providing activities that are suitable for their individual age and stage of development.

All staff ensure that your children start to make choices for themselves, through a mixture of adult led and child led activities. This helps them to build new skills and develop their confidence, whether they are a baby or an older child.

We see parents and carers as the first and most important educators of children. Parent and Carer input is therefore valued immensely and we welcome them into our groups to discuss their child or to become involved within the sessions. We also pride ourselves on working with families and professionals to provide a specialised package of care for those children who may require it. We have dedicated augmented support workers to enable children with SEND to fully engage with our main stream setting.

Dinners can be provided for all ages and whilst the younger children stay within their room to eat. Children can eat a packed lunch or purchase a cooked meal.