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Pupil Premium

The Canterbury Primary School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for each child who is entitled to receive Free School Meals, who is a Looked After Child or a child of Serving Military personnel.

The Canterbury Primary School intends to use the Pupil Premium funding in a targeted and strategic way to support all children in reaching their full potential.

The Canterbury Primary School will ensure that this funding is directed towards the students for whom it is intended so that it impacts positively on their educational development and future life chances by:

  • closing the attainment gap between disadvantaged students and their peers, in particular in maths and English
  • accelerating pupil progress
  • supporting and nurturing all children
  • improving attendance of disadvantaged groups
  • reducing the number of fixed term exclusions
  • increasing participation in extracurricular activities during school time and school holidays


 We have identified possible barriers to children’s learning and achievement as:

  • Family problems – Safeguarding, finance, parenting, routines
  • Bereavement
  • Lack of social skills
  • Low self-esteem/self confidence
  • Low aspirations
  • Lack of ‘experience’
  • Poor attendance
  • Poor punctuality
  • No breakfast/food
  • Home learning environment – a place to work
  • Physical fitness/health
  • Medical needs
  • Change of working circumstances



 Pupil Premium Stratergy Statement 2022-23

 Pupil Premium Provision 2020-2021 (including proposed spend 2021-2022)

 Pupil Premium Provision 2019-2020 (including proposed spend 2020-2021)

 Pupil Premium Provision 2018-2019 (including proposed spend 2019-2020)

Pupil Premium Provision 2017-2018 (including proposed spend 2018-2019)