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Term Dates


Term Starts Term Ends Holiday Dates
Term 1 Wednesday 1st September 2021 Friday 15th October 2021 Monday 18th October  – Friday 29th October
Term 2 Monday 1st November 2021 Friday 17th December 2021 Monday 20th December  – Monday 3rd January
Term 3 Tuesday 4th January 2022 Friday 11th February 2022 Monday 14th February  – Friday 18th February
Term 4 Monday 21st February 2022 Friday 1st April 2022 Monday 4th April  – Monday 18th April
Term 5 Tuesday 19th April 2022 Friday 27th May 2022 Monday 30th May  – Friday 3rd June
Term 6 Monday 6th June 2022 Thursday 21st July 2022 Friday 22nd July  – Wednesday 31st August

Staff Training – Tuesday 31st August 2021

Bank Holiday – Monday 2nd May 2022


Term Starts Term Ends Holiday Dates
Term 1 Thursday 1st September 2022 Friday 14th October 2022 Monday 17th October  – Friday 28th October
Term 2 Monday 31st October 2022 Friday 16th December 2022 Monday 19th December  – Monday 2nd January
Term 3 Tuesday 3rd January 2023 Friday 10th February 2023 Monday 13th February  – Friday 17th February
Term 4 Monday 20th February 2023 Friday 31st March 2023 Monday 3rd April  – Friday 14th April
Term 5 Monday 17th April 2023 Friday 26th May 2023 Monday 29th May  – Friday 2nd June
Term 6 Monday 5th June 2023 Friday 21st July 2023 Monday 24th July  – TBC

Staff Training – Wednesday 31st August 2022

Bank Holiday – Monday 1st May 2023

Holidays in Term Time

Department for Education regulations now stipulate that parents are not permitted to take their children on holiday during the school term. All schools are now subject to this regulation. Please follow the link to read full detail

DfE Education Regulations 2013 on absence during term time

Requests for leave of absence from school in exceptional circumstances must be directed in writing to your child’s Year Manager.

For queries or information regarding attendance issues, please use the contact page