City View Wincheap

The Wincheap Pre-School – where children are provided with motivating opportunities to learn in a ‘fun and inspiring way’.

The Wincheap Pre-School has a team of highly skilled practitioners who are committed to providing a learning environment that is varied, imaginative and responsive to the children’s needs and well-being. Our Pre-School has a large, bright and well equipped classroom for children aged from 3 years and above. All children are welcome, we are fully inclusive and all of our practitioners have experience in supporting children with diverse additional needs.

All staff ensure that children are encouraged to make choices for themselves, to help them build new skills, further their independence and develop self-confidence.

Wincheap Pre-School is situated within the Wincheap Primary School grounds with a well-equipped outside space that children can access all year round. Activities are created in order to stretch their imagination and encourage independence.