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AQA A Level Physics

What’s it about?

Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science that plays a major role in the future progression of humankind.  

At A Level, our students are motivated to think like a physicist and are challenged to understand how things work from first principles. We push them to draw connections from the real world and solve complex problems whilst developing their mathematical and analytical skills in familiar and unfamiliar contexts.  

Entry Requirements:

We would recommend a grade 6 at GCSE in science or physics and a grade 6 in GCSE mathematics. We would highly recommend that a student considers taking A Level mathematics alongside this subject.


Dr. J Hitchcock – Director of Teaching and Learning

    The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

    Course Content

    In Year 12, our students build on the underlying concepts of physics learnt at GCSE. Through the study of particles and radiation, waves, mechanics and electricity, they begin to tackle some of the big questions about the nature of matter and the possible solutions to major problems such as energy production. In Year 13, students are introduced to the more demanding subject matter of further mechanics, fields, thermal physics, radioactivity, nuclear energy and the optional topic turning points in physics. This further study allows students to look at specific areas of physics in more detail and very importantly discover how they are all interconnected. We strive to give all students a strong and secure working knowledge of the world of physics, allowing them to best find a solution to any question they face inside and outside of school.

    Practical work is an essential part of the course. Students will develop strong scientific skills so that they understand how experiments can provide evidence, can critically evaluate data and link this to theory. On successful completion of the practical work, a practical endorsement is issued on the exam certificate.


    Studying A Level Physics offers a number of amazing career opportunities including:

    • Mechanical engineer
    • Aerospace engineer
    • Civil engineer
    • Geophysicist/field seismologist
    • Healthcare scientist, medical physics
    • Radiation protection practitioner
    • Research scientist (physical sciences)
    • Meteorologist
    • Structural engineer
    • Acoustic engineer
    • Pilot

    You can also move into astrophysics, chemical physics, nanotechnology, renewable energy and more, the opportunities are endless.

     Works Well With

    Goes well with A Level mathematics, biology and chemistry. 


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