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VTCT in Professional Cookery

What’s it about?

This course is a work-based qualification and is ideal for students wishing to enter the industry. This provides them with the skills needed for the profession. The course also enables them to gain work experience on a weekly basis in the hospitality industry.

They get the opportunity to work in the industry and also to see some examples of fine dining and food service in local restaurants and in London.

This course is designed to equip learners with the skills required to enter the hospitality profession. The course is underpinned by the knowledge of all the tutors on the course through their different expertise

Entry Requirements:

Preferably previous experience studying food technology and a real passion and interest in cooking. Must have at least a Level 1 in numeracy and literacy to enable you to start the VTCT.


Mrs. V. Holman – Director of Teaching and Learning 

    The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

    Course Content:

    The qualifications are industry standard and follows a progression pathway as follows:

    • VTCT Level 2 in Professional Cookery.
    • VTCT Level 3 in Professional Cookery.

    Level 2 study a generically structured course to cover a good variety of subjects within the catering trade. With four compulsory units and eleven units covering other topics.

    Level 3 study three compulsory units and then choose a variety of units to cover their preferred pathway such as sweet and desserts or meat and poultry work. Or they could cover a more generic route and cover a variety of subjects.


    Level 2

    • Maintenance of a safe, hygienic and secure working environment.
    • Working effectively as part of a hospitality team.
    • Maintain food safety when storing, preparing and cooking food.
    • Maintain handle and clean knives.
    • Cook and finish basic meat dishes.
    • Cook and finish basic fish dishes.
    • Cook and finish basic poultry dishes.

    Level 3

    • Cook and finish complex fish dishes.
    • Cook and finish complex game dishes.
    • Cook and finish complex poultry dishes.
    • Cook and finish complex vegetable dishes.
    • Prepare, Process and finish marzipan, pastillage and sugar products.
    • Prepare, cook and finish complex hot sauces.
    • Prepare, cook and finish dressings and cold sauces.


    All courses are designed to give students the skills needed to enter the hospitality profession, they can progress to become chefs and catering managers.

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