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 AQA A Level Dance

What’s it about?

A Level Dance provides students with the opportunity to gain experience of performance and choreography and to develop critical thinking about dance. 

This course requires students to: 

AO1: Perform dance through the application of physical, technical, interpretative and performance skills. 

AO2: Create dance applying choreographic skills to communicate artistic intention. 

AO3: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of performance and choreography from different periods and genres. 

AO4: Critically appreciate and assess performance and choreography through making analytical, interpretative and evaluative judgements.  

 This course is particularly suitable for students who have studied GCSE Dance and wish to study Dance at a higher level. The content allows students to study a subject which can be extended through higher education and promotes a healthy lifestyle through an awareness of the importance of exercise and training. 

Entry Requirements:

We would recommend a grade 6 at GCSE in Dance and a grade 5 at GCSE in English. 

You will also be required to audition for the programme, delivering a one minute solo in a style of your choice. This can be choreographed by you or someone else but must demonstrate both expressive and technical ability. 




Mrs. S. Watson – Director of Teaching and Learning

    The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

    Course Content:

    The course is taught as two components of two years with all exams at the end of the course in year two. 

    Component 1: Performance and choreography

    What’s assessed

    • Solo performance linked to a specified practitioner within an area of study
    • Performance in a quartet
    • Group choreography

    How it’s assessed

    • Practical exam
    • 80 marks
    • 50% of A-level

    Component 2: Critical engagement

    What’s assessed

    • Knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of two set works.
    • One compulsory set work within the compulsory area of study
    • One optional set work within the corresponding area of study, from a choice of four.

    How it’s assessed

    • Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes
    • 100 marks
    • 50% of A-level



    The Canterbury Academy A Level dancers will leave with the theoretical knowledge of dance technique, professional repertoire and choreographic processes. This will give the foundations for being a professional performer, choreographer or critic. 


    This course will enable you to study dance, performing arts, dance education or dance therapy at university.  



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