The Simon Langton Boy’s School Partnership

Some students, and their parents, will be opposed to Kent’s model of selection and prefer the broader offer and more representative mix of children that a comprehensive school offers. Some students will be interested in the grammar school stream because they wish to study academically and pursue their gift in sport , or performing arts, and maybe gain a scholarship. Some students will gain entry because of the recommendation of our partner grammar school, Simon Langton.

Students may gain entry to the Langton stream at any stage in their school career. The Canterbury Academy does not really believe that a ‘test’ at the age of 10, or 11, can, let alone should, determine the next 7 or 8 years of a child’s life.

There are specific systems and structures in place to support the academically able:
The Langton Stream is monitored by a member of the Simon Langton’s senior staff who, because of the success and growth of this partnership, has been seconded full time to The Canterbury Academy. He is always available to parents should they wish to make an appointment to speak with him.

Students will be given an academic mentor to monitor academic performance and plan the next stage of a learning journey, including identification of appropriate university courses and wider training opportunities.

The Directors of Teaching and Learning for Maths, English, Science, Humanities and Languages all have schemes of work to ensure that the academically able are challenged at the appropriate level.

There are plans to enable Year 7, 8 and 9 students in The Langton stream, and those at Simon Langton Boys’ and Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar schools, to take common assessments in maths, English and science.

As our students progress through the Academy, we maintain stretch and challenge to ensure progress is maintained by an array of events, partnerships and links that allow our students to maximise their academic gifts.

These include:

  • Stretch and challenge workshops and sessions at The Simon Langton School for Boys in the EBacc subjects.
  • Shared A-Level teaching between Langton and Academy staff.
  • Participation in research and/or enterprise projects.
  • Targeted Higher Education UCAS application support for High Achievers.
  • University Taster days at The University of Kent and Christ Church University.
  • Arrangements for preferential entry to universities.
  • Bursary awards for universities.
  • STEM and EBacc enrichment weeks every term to enthuse and stretch learning outside of the curriculum.