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Dear parents and carers,

As we approach the Bank Holiday weekend and the end of term 4 across our Trust, I write with our Pillars of Excellence Newsletter and all that it celebrates. As you flick through this particular edition, as I am, I hope you will continue to be inspired by everything that our students are doing, and everything that our Trust and my colleagues continue to offer.

From finger painting in our Nurseries, learning Japanese in our primary school, visits to Oxford and Cambridge universities for prospective students in our secondary school; through to our Trust’s annual ‘ChOscars,’ a cricket tour to Sri Lanka and, most recently, our Trust’s Junior Institute of Performing Arts and their incredible run of ‘Frozen’ at The Gulbenkian. All in one term; all in one Trust. You can even come and get your hair cut by our brilliant students in our campus salon or barber shop…I’m just saying…beard and moustache trims, highlights and colouring all available…adverts are in the newsletter!

Everything we do across our Trust is underpinned by our culture and our value set: as much as possible, as often as possible, for as many as possible. Each of us are unique, and we are all good at something. Different gifts, different skills, different talents, different abilities and different aptitudes – all valued in exactly the same way, and all celebrated equally. As always, it continues to be a pleasure to be part of a staff team who believe so passionately in our ethos.

As we move into term 5 and hopefully warmer weather at some point, I know I speak on behalf of all my colleagues in wishing all of our students who will be taking public examinations, the very best of luck. Heads of Schools have written to you to remind you of the detail for the start of next term and, with that said, it only remains for me to wish everybody a relaxing Bank Holiday and Easter break. We look forward to seeing all of our students back in our schools and nurseries for a normal day on Monday, 15th April.

With my every best wish,


Jon Watson
Chief Executive Officer