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Here in Performing Arts, we wanted to make something to thank and show appreciation to those of our friends, families and colleagues that are going above and beyond during this testing time.

So we’re going to create a video entitled ‘I’m Still Standing‘ and YOU will be the stars of the show!

If you have anyone you want to thank, be them nurses, doctors, carers, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, pharmacists, parents, colleagues, teachers; simply anyone that has inspired you, moved you or cared for you during the Coronavirus fight –  you should let them know!

Please video yourselves for around TEN to FIFTEEN SECONDS doing any or all of the following:

  • A message to camera stating your chosen person’s name and why they deserve a shout out
  • A written message on a large piece of paper to camera 
  • A drawing or piece of art, with the name of the person it is dedicated to, recorded on camera (feel free to wave and blow kisses!)
  • A recording of you singing the lyric line ‘I’m still standing; yeah, yeah, yeah!’ (lots of these needed; feel free to have a boogie!)

We would love to have as many of you involved as is possible – let’s create something positive as a community!

Please send all of your recordings to Sarah Watson

Parents! If your children are taking part, please state the following in the body of the email: 

‘I give permission for The Canterbury Academy Trust to use pictures and recordings of my child (insert name) online and all social media accounts held by the Trust’

Please let us have your offerings by Tuesday 7th April 2020. 

Thank you so much in advance for your support with this; stay well, stay safe and stay home!

With love,

The Performing Arts Department