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Edexcel BTEC Level 3  Diploma – Production Arts

The Production Arts Programme

What’s it about?

This course is designed to increase your knowledge of the many aspects of production arts.  Thought there are timetabled lessons for theory on a weekly basis, the majority of the course is designed as an ‘apprenticeship’ which sees you being on call to support the many events, assemblies, shows and external bookings held at The Canterbury Academy. 

Entry Requirements:

We would recommend a GCSE grade 5 in an appropriate subject, as well as a successful meeting with the production arts teaching team. 


Mrs. S. Watson – Director of Teaching and Learning

    The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

    Course Content:

    BTEC Production Arts consists entirely of a substantial portfolio of evidence (coursework) made up of studying 12 units over two years. A very ‘hands on’ vocational course, much of the learning will happen not in the classroom but ‘in situ’ as you learn about, prepare for, and operate the ever-growing number of public performances offered each year by The Canterbury Academy and The Canterbury Institute for Performing Arts.  

    Though classroom delivery may only happen on select days in the week, your attendance will be required most days – and every day during busy production times – to practise your skills in live performance situations (assemblies, concerts, guest speakers, guest performances and bands, and more).  

    An idea of the units that will be studied in the first year are listed below:  

    • Stage lighting operations  
    • Stage lighting design  
    • Production arts planning  
    • Stage sound operations  
    • Stage sound design  


      There will be one two-hour theory session three days per week, where you will be learning about the machinery, technology and theory behind all aspects of technical theatre. Your assessments are almost wholly practical, and are tied to large-scale live performances such as our Christmas Cabaret, Summer Show at the Gulbenkian Theatre and shows within our own Black Hole Theatre.  

      Each of the 12 units must be completed by the deadlines set or you may not reach your potential grade. Throughout your study you will use a CCF to track your progress through the units. A copy of this is at the end of this document.  

      Each unit that you complete is worth a set amount of credits. Depending on the level to which the unit is completed, you will achieve a set score. A pass level is seven points, a merit level is eight points and a distinction is nine points. Therefore a unit worth ten credits which is completed to a merit level will be worth 80 points. It is the final total of these points from all the units which determines the final grade.  


      The Production Arts Programme will give you a wide knowledge base to help you choose a suitable career path in the theatre industry. You will be working with professionals from the industry who will give first hand advice and insight. 

      Should you achieve the appropriate grades, this course will enable you to move on to higher education at university or drama school. 




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