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Edexcel BTEC Level 3  Diploma – Production Arts

The Dance Programme

What’s it about?

During the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts, dance students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and acquire the technical skills in a variety of dance genres, including jazz, contemporary, ballet, street and tap. 

There are many performance opportunities throughout the course, enabling students to build self-confidence when performing to live audiences and gain a sense of achievement through the medium of dance. We also wish to develop in all of our students an awareness of one’s body and their surrounding space, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and fitness, grace, musicality and freedom of expression as well as the foundations of strong technical training. Throughout their time studying Level 3 BTEC Dance at CPA, students learn physical and cognitive skills as well as developing emotionally and socially. 

 They will also: 

  • Build confidence and a positive self-esteem that will last throughout life by developing feelings of inclusion, purpose and achievement 
  • Increase attention span, develop listening skills and improve the ability to follow instructions  
  • Develop self-discipline, persistence, resourcefulness, flexibility of mind, the ability to self-motivate and the ability to think quickly under pressure 
  • Develop observational and perceptual skills 
  • Improve partner and group work skills – both leading and being part of a cohesive group 
  • Improve posture, strength, flexibility, joint mobility and fitness 
  • Improve balance, co-ordination and awareness of how and where the body is placed in space 
  • Develop spatial cognition and spatial perception 


      Entry Requirements:

      We would recommend a grade 5 at GCSE in English and dance experience.  This may include GCSE Dance or regular dance technique classes in any style. 

      There will also be an audition of a one minute solo in any style. 


      Mrs. S. Watson – Director of Teaching and Learning

        The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

        Course Content:

        This is a thirteen unit course (equivalent to three A Levels) covering skills and techniques in a variety of styles of dance. 

         Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance)  

        First year units – developing skills and techniques in dance, ballet, contemporary, performing arts in the community, group performance workshop, and investigation of a practitioner’s work. 

        Second year units – jazz technique, tap technique, street technique, individual performance commission, employment opportunities in the performing arts, movement in performance and final live performance. 

        The assessments are 70% practical, delivered through filmed workshops, rehearsals and performances.  A final 30% of assessment will come in the form of presentations of research, evaluations and log books. 



          Develop performance skills, take part in theatre productions and learn about the industry that could result in a career in leisure entertainment. Students will develop an awareness of the independent nature of this industry including the skills required to be selfemployed as a dancer. 


          A place in a dance school or university course in performing arts. Degrees in dance and dance education are the most natural next step academically. We recommend that students also take the A Level in Dance in order to fully prepare them for further educational training. 



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