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OCR A Level Psychology

What’s it about?

Psychology is the study of the links between the brain and behaviour. 

  • Why do we do behave the way we do? 
  • Why do human beings love or hate? 
  • How do we find out about behaviour? 
  • What can we do with what we find out? 

 Psychology tries to answer these questions, and A Level Psychology is both really useful, and really interesting. 

  • Interesting because who wouldn’t want to know why eye-witnesses usually make mistakes in identifying potential criminals, or how we understand what other people think? 
  • Useful because psychology can be applied in everyday life and in every aspect of the wider world. 

The aims of these qualifications are to encourage students to: 

  • Stimulate and develop their enjoyment of, and enthusiasm for, psychology 
  • Develop and demonstrate skills, including practical and research skills 
  • Develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject and how they relate to each other 
  • Appreciate how the subject develops and how its applications interact with changes in human attitudes, and with changes in society and technology 
  • Recognise the value, use and misuse of the subject in society 

Entry Requirements:

We would recommend a level 6 at GCSE in English, mathematics and science. 




Mrs. S. Osborne – Director of Teaching and Learning

    The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

    Course Content

    In their first year students will study a range of core studies from each of the five key approaches (social, cognitive, biological, individual differences and developmental).   

    The core studies cover a wide range of different topics including obedience, autism, bystander behaviour and brain damage.  

    Students will become familiar with several different research methods and with analysing data. 

    In year two students will study modules including forensic psychology, sports psychology and mental health issues.


    Universities and employers know that students with A Level Psychology have a range of useful skills (research, communication, social, organisation).   The course is beneficial to students who want to go on to study psychology at university and those who choose to go on into other areas.  

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