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 AQA A Level Physical Education

What’s it about?

This course is designed to give students knowledge and increase their understanding of the factors that impact performance and participation in Physical Education. It gives students the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles in sport, such as participant or coach. You will learn theory-based principles which address contemporary topics in sport, such as the use of ergogenic aids, technology and the increasing commercialisation of sport. 


Entry Requirements:

Students should have achieved at least a 6 grade in GCSE P.E



Mrs A Brabon – Director of Teaching and Learning

    The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

    Course Content:

    You will have a mixture of teacher-led lessons and independent study. Assessment is divided between practical performance in one activity as either a performer or a coach and two theory examinations at the end of the course.  Practical ability in a sport is a distinct advantage. Theory examination accounts for 70% of the grade. The practical component accounts for 30%. All assessments are completed at the end of the two-year course (2 year linear A Level).

    Paper 1
    • Applied Anatomy and Physiology.
    • Skill Acquisition.
    • Sport and Society.
    Paper 2
    • Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics.
    • Sport Psychology.
    • Sport and society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport.
    Non-examination Assessment
    • Practical Assessment (performer or coach) in one activity.
    • Written coursework on analysis of their performance in that chosen activity. 


    Universities and employers know that students with A Level PE have a range of useful skills (research, communication, social and organisational).  The courses are beneficial to students who want to go on to study PE or Sport Science at university and those who choose to go into other areas related to sport and exercise.   


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