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Edexcel A Level History

What’s it about?

A Level History will allow you to develop and practice the skills of an historian, focusing on ancient and contemporary issues.

You will be encouraged to make links and explore issues between the different aspects of the course. 



    Entry Requirements:

    We would recommend a grade 6 at GCSE in history and a grade 6 at GCSE in English. 


    Mrs. C. Horii – Director of Teaching and Learning

      The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

      Course Content

      First year units: 

      Unit Y319 Option A: Civil Rights 

      Focus: the nature and development of civil rights in America during this period.  

      Conflict in Asia 1945 – 1993 

      This unit is concerned with the establishment of the Cold War and its impact on conflicts within Asia. This unit will focus on conflicts in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia and how these conflicts were influenced by the political agendas of the East and West.  

      Second year units: 

      Y100 Historical Interpretations and Investigations Vietnam 1945 – 1975 

      Focus: the reasons for America’s involvement in Vietnam and the ensuing conflict.  An investigation of USA involvement in the Cold War in Asia. 

      England 1485–1558: the Early Tudors  

      A study from the governments of Henry VII to after the reign of Henry VIII.  The course will also investigate themes such as the stability of the monarchy via the use of historical sources. 


      Exams take place in June: 

      Unit Y106: one hour 30 minutes written paper worth 50 marks. 

      Unit Y222: one hour written paper worth 30 marks. 

      Unit Y319: two hour 30 minutes written paper worth 80 marks. 

      Unit Y100: is a coursework unit, with one 4,000-word piece – focusing on interpretations and investigations worth 40 marks


        This A Level course will give you a good foundation for the study of history or related courses in further and higher education. At the same time, it also offers a worthwhile course of study for those who do not wish to progress further in the subject. The various skills required by this course also provide you with opportunities for progression directly into employment.   

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