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AQA A Level English Literature

What’s it about?

English Literature is the study of prose, poetry and drama from different eras. 


Entry Requirements:

We would recommend a grade 6 at GCSE in English. 


Miss M Miles – Director of Teaching and Learning

    The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

    Course Content

    A-Level English literature is a relevant, engaging and up-to-date specification that approaches the study of literature through the lens of historicism, encouraging the independent study of a range of texts within a shared context, giving logic and meaning to the way that texts are grouped for study. This unifying approach facilitates the inclusion of a range of wider reading, thus extending students’ experience and appreciation of literature. Offering clear progression from GCSE, the course allows students to build on the skills and knowledge already gained and prepare for their next steps. The variety of assessment styles used, such as passage-based questions, unseen material, single-text questions, multiple-text questions, open- and closed-book approaches allows students to develop a wide range of skills, such as the ability to read critically, analyse, evaluate and undertake independent research which are valuable for both further study and future employment. 


    At A2, students sit two summer examinations and submit one coursework assignment:

    PAPER 1

    Study of three texts: one poetry and one prose text, of which one must be written pre-1900, and one Shakespeare play. 
    Exam will include two unseen poems

    PAPER 2

    Choice of two options 
    Option 2A: WW1 and its aftermath 
    Option 2B: Modern times: literature from 1945 to the present day 
    Study of three texts: one prose, one poetry, and one drama, of which one must be written post-2000 
    Exam will include an unseen extract


    Comparative critical study of two texts, at least one of which must have been written pre-1900 

    One extended essay (2,500 words) and a bibliography 


    The successful completion of this course will allow you to progress on to a wide range of related higher education courses and could lead you into careers in journalism, marketing and publishing.   



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