Board of Directors

Trust Governance

The Canterbury Academy is a company limited by guarantee and is an exempt charity. The members hold the Board of Directors to account.

The Governing Body for The Canterbury Academy Trust is now known as ‘The Board of Directors’. The Academy Trust Board consists of 10 directors, including the Executive Principal.

Local governing bodies and committees have been established to allow a more focused approach to monitoring and evaluating the work of the Trust’s component parts. Trustees (Board of Directors) delegate specific responsibilities to its local governing bodies and committees, the activities of which are reported to and discussed at Board of Directors meetings.

The following documents detail the responsibilities and commitments of The Academy Trust Board of Directors:


Role of the Executive Principal of the Trust

The Executive Principal of the Trust, who also acts as the Accounting Officer has the responsibility, under the board, for the overall day to day management of the Academy Trust, including staffing, finance, conduct and discipline.

Business and Pecuniary Interests

Annual General Meeting

Due to circumstances around coronavirus the AGM has been cancelled, Please click on link below should you wish to view the accounts for year ending 31st August 2019


Minutes from the 2019 AGM


Richard Field (Chair), Georgina Baker, Andrew Doyle, Julia Parsons, Judy Keay

Accounting Officer:

Jon Watson, Executive Principal of the Trust.


Richard Field (Chair), Mark Johnstone (Vice Chair), Neil Winterflood, Neal Guthrie, Anna Weinel, Dylan Chamberlain,  Jayme Stevens, Andy Milton and Katrina Fisher

Local Governors:

The Canterbury Primary School local governing body

Rebecca Brunger, Rachel Cox, Severine Collins, Peri Ramadan

The Secondary School local governing body

Bill Newland, Joanna Bradley, Anne Ainley

The Sixth Form local governing body

Bob Beattie, David Fox, Terry McMahan, Saskia Anley-McCallum

Youth, Community and Extended Services local governing body

Martin Vye, Alastair McKean, Debbie Jackson, Kay Macpherson

Clerk to the Board of Directors:

Should you wish to contact the members, directors or local governors. Please contact Debbie Scott,

Debbie Scott – based at The Canterbury Academy
01227 463971