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GCSE Fine Art

Exam Board: AQA

This qualification promotes learning across a variety of experiences and through various processes, tools, techniques, materials and resources to generate different kinds of evidence of working and outcomes.  

Students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to their projects through integrated practical, critical and contextual study that encourages direct engagement with original works and practice. 

Students will learn through practical experience and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of sources that inform their creative intentions. Intentions should be realised through purposeful engagement with visual language, visual concepts, media, materials and the application of appropriate techniques and working methods 


Component 1 60% (portfolio coursework) students develop responses to project briefs or and realise intentions informed by research, the development and refinement of ideas and meaningful engagement with selected sources.  

Component 2 40% (externally set assignment/exam) students respond to a starting point provided by AQA. Preparatory period followed by 10 hours of supervised time. This response provides evidence of the student’s ability to work independently within specified time constraints, realise intentions that are personal and meaningful and explicitly address the requirements of all four assessment objectives. 

    Enrichment Opportunities

    Visits to University of Kent, Canterbury Galleries and Museums, Artists in Residence workshops, Kent wide Galleries and Museums, Kent locations for onsite drawing.







    Year 10

    Terms 1 and 2
    Component 1 – Natural Forms Project 
    Terms 3 and 4
    Component 1 Term 3 – Natural Forms Project 
    Component 1 Term 4 – Textures Project 
    Terms 5 and 6
    Component 1 – Textures Project 

    Year 11

    Terms 1 and 2
    Component 1 – Senses Project 
    Terms 3 and 4
    Component 2 – Externally Set Assignment Prep 
    Terms 5 and 6
    Component 2 Term 5 – Externally Set Assignment Prep. 10 hour supervised piece.