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Canterbury Primary School

Normal school day finishes at 1.15 pm 
326 Club will run for working parents until 3.00 pm only

The Canterbury Academy (Years 7 to 13)

Our students will complete normal lessons for Periods 1, 2 and 3 and will then participate in a whole-school end of term assembly, which will finish at approximately 1.00pm. After this assembly, the students will be free to go home.

We will not be able to provide a hot meal for the students on this day, however, if your child would like to remain in school, we will provide sandwiches. If you would like your child to use this facility, please email Mrs Jackman, our catering manager, using the Contact Us Page

Unfortunately, the Stagecoach bus company is unable to adapt its timetable to assist the students in their onward journeys so, in lieu of school buses, the students will need to use the number 22 bus in order to get into town to access any connecting services. Arrangements are currently being made for the collection of any students who travel in taxis to and from school.